"What's In Your Makeup Bag?" Literally.
 As consumers continue to grow more environmentally conscious, the contents of personal care products like shampoo and makeup have gained more attention. According to a report released by MarketLine in 2010, nearly 37 percent of all consumers looked for products with natural ingredients, and the demand for organic products is expected to increase at nearly 10 percent per year until 2018. This interactive magazine article highlights a few healthy, essential makeup items from popular brands and a few harmful ingredients to avoid.


the challenge

Design a digital spread that explores the good and bad ingredients in popular makeup brands.

the solution

Show consumers which products come highly recommended.
1. Provide details on good and bad ingredients.
2. Make the interactive spread easy to navigate.



Flourish is an interactive beauty and fashion iPad magazine that was designed, written and produced entirely by design and copywriting students in the School of Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill.

It won first place in the 2014 MSUSND International Design Contest for best iPad magazine.


"What's In Your Makeup Bag?" article design and digital illustration: Kimberly N. Thomas

The entire magazine project was produced across a team. There are multiple owners.

Project completed in 2013 | All rights reserved.


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