The messaging

Design Strategy | Content Strategy and Development | Communications Strategy | Visual Design | Internal Briefings


The strategy

Design Strategist | Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation and Activity Development | Content Development | Visual Design | Communications Strategy Development | Client Briefings

the core

Strategy Development | Team Mentoring | Business Briefings | Sales & Lead Generation


The launch

Consulting | Brand Analysis | Strategy Development | Digital Illustration | Graphic Design | Copywriting

The Rebrand

Consulting | Brand Analysis | Brand Development | Digital Illustration | Graphic Design


the capture

Event Photography


The continuum

Event Photography | Community Board Interaction | Supporting Member (Raleigh and SC Chapters)



Smooth Process.

"I’m really appreciative of what Kimberly did for me and my brand. She builds a relationship with the person, which in turn builds a relationship with the art. I felt at ease and very comfortable with the process and people loved the professional feel of COLP’s new branding."
- Calvin Phillips, Founder/CEO of COLP Marketing

Team Impact.

"Kimberly has been a leader and a resource for the team as they adjust and adapt to our new paradigms. Since joining us she's had a significant positive impact on the team as a whole. She delivers consistent high quality customer service each and every day to every customer. We've enjoyed watching her perfect her craft."
- Brad Glisson, Senior Leader & Scott Warwick, Leader at Apple

Good Strategy.

"Kimberly just knows what to ask. She knows what to look for when trying to building something. In my past experience, designers just do the work but Kimberly takes it a step further and really digs into your idea to help you make the best decision for your brand. After that's final, she works to produce something amazing."
- Nick Hinsley, Co-Founder/CEO of Stay Tuned Records

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