COLP Marketing is a business that streamlines

digital marketing for emerging artists.

As a business and creative team, this company

seeks to elevate the brand experience for local talent.

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If we can focus on social media management and getting the artists out there, they can just focus on getting the music to where it needs to be.
— Calvin Phillips, Founder & CEO


COLP knows it can be tough balancing self-promotion and content creation alone. So Calvin Phillips, Founder and CEO of the company, wanted to take care of the marketing side. “If we can focus on social media management and getting the artists out there, they can just focus on getting the music to where it needs to be,” he said. As an agency, COLP spearheads the entire brand building process for musicians. Clients gain access to studios, vocal training, and content management through an internal creative team. Management in this way enables the team to focus on building brand loyalty and consistency while developing an artist's image.

But before branding others, the company needed to properly brand itself.

When things first began, COLP used imagery significant to Phillips' association with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the idea that the company could be “the missing piece to [the] puzzle” for emerging artists. However, existing clients, team members, and prospective partners had a problem. Many felt the design suggested affiliation with a popular conspiracy known as The Illuminati, a theory about an elite world power. COLP's audience and founder also believed that it didn't reflect the professionalism or mood the company was looking for.

original logo

original logo

So the work began.

creative brief and planning for COLP Marketing


the challenge

The original identity system needed a redesign. Clients and stakeholders struggled with the imagery, its dark background, and the pyramid’s association with a popular conspiracy theory. COLP sought to retain the colors and imagery used, but in a cleaner and more purposeful way.

The Creative Brief: Develop an identity system that clarifies the character and purpose of COLP Marketing.


the strategy

COLP's role as a digital marketing group was clear. They manage social media and create promotional opportunities for musicians. But what would that really mean? What would it take to do that? What would it say about the company's identity to consumers? 

In order to properly brand COLP, I challenged the team to see themselves differently.

As marketers, COLP isn't just marketing and the brand is more than just a piece of the solution for artists. It is the solution in many ways. Overall, this agency is helping emerging artists navigate the business side of music, which is essential. Clients are given access to the tools that can help them grow while COLP creates and guides the journey to brand loyalty. A successful combination of this duo can produce the desired results, and we decided it would crucial to speak to these truths.


the solution

Redesign the logo with a focus on COLP's ability to help artists navigate promotion and marketing.

1. Create a clean design reusing colors, familiar imagery, and font choice to retain existing familiarity and reflection of company values.

2. Represent COLP as a sort of arrow and structure that can help one navigate and standout within a space.

3. Establish a mark that can be used in casual and professional spaces.


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COLP visual identity, copywriting, and design work: Kimberly N. Thomas

Iconography: Baboon Designs, Adrian Coquet, Marta Ambrosetti, Alfa Design, and Dan Vo

Some imagery used is property of the COLP Marketing creative team.

Project produced in 2016-2017 | All rights reserved.



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